What Does Negotiating Mean?


Negotiating means to analyze each situation correctly and skillfully, either satisfying everyone or optimizing as many of the benefits as possible.  Each time you negotiate is unique; every person has different backgrounds and has different knowledge and experiences.  No one can dispute the fact that each person can think differently; there are no two people with the same characteristics; therefore, there are no two identical negotiations, even if you negotiate the same issues with the same person.

Negotiating does not mean doing magic. It does not mean achieving the impossible or going after what others cannot or do not dare to.  In a negotiation we need to manage conflicting interests in the most beneficial way.  It mainly represents a technical capacity for being clear about alternatives and priorities and taking action accordingly.

No two negotiations are alike:  they are always new and you must always try to learn how to improve your understanding of negotiation by revising the previous one.  During the present negotiation you are learning for the next one.

In a negotiation you need to satisfy your interests, you do not need to be obsessed with winning because that will cause you to lose everything.  Sometimes you believe that you need what you do not need.

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