Successful People: An Overview


In order to describe people whose performance is highly successful, we need to highlight the following characteristics:

a) In terms of their relationship with others, a successful person assumes responsibility for their failures instead of blaming others for them. They give credit to others for their victories and do not steal other people’s credit for their triumphs. Moreover, they make information flow and speak well of others.

b) They hope others will be successful and never want others to fail; but when faced with problems and difficult situations, they show themselves as merciful and forgive others for their mistakes (they are not spiteful at all).

c) In relation to their perspective and approach to work and life, a successful person radiates joy. They are grateful for what they have. They have true goals and plans in life and express them by engaging in challenging future projects which require them to be organized. Moreover, they would rather talk about ideas than about other people; they prefer reading to watching TV. Furthermore, they feel they are learning constantly, they do not believe they know everything.  Finally, they see work from a transformational perspective, not a transactional one.