How do you Set Priorities?


Prioritizing is the ability to find, define and /or generate key indicators, which are the ones that show us where and how we are going. These indicators return the impact of the evolution of what is the most important. That is, they build priorities based on what they consider most relevant.

In turn, priorities are defined by the urgency of the situation, day by day, by what happens in the everyday. In this sense, priorities are defined by strategies and not by circumstances, by means and not by ends. Measuring strengths and weaknesses is critical when designing strategies to get things.

Analysis of Variables for Prioritize

To prioritize effectively requires global thinking demands in which we find two different concepts: the ability to identify a variable accurately and the global vision as the capacity where different variables interact. In this way, one thing is to see only one tree (precise vision), and another is to see all the elements that make a forest, including how the tree interacts with the rest (global vision).

Clearing and understanding variables is part of the work of “analysis”, followed by synthesis. But without analysis, is to say, without understanding the isolated variables we cannot have a good synthesis. Seeing a single variable of the context increases focus and initiative, but lowers the level of understanding.

Then, building classifications allows us to identify the variables that lead us to make a better prioritization, so we will find it easier to separate. For example, we can separate athletes by those who run: fast, medium or slow. Somewhere in this example we are putting speed as a priority. This means, when putting together a classification, we need to develop, at the same time, a scheme of priorities.

Necessities and priorities

Our needs help us to find priorities, estimate and define them. If we don’t know which are our priorities, we will try to have a situation under control, without understanding it. Control is applied on everything, but prioritizing is only about the most important.