Never Barter your Service


It is not good to barter your professional service, even when you need what the client offers. Services have to be paid with nothing else than money.

If the client pays you with products or other services, this breaks the admiration that the client has to feel about you. It makes you a common person with regular needs. The client has to look up to the professional and barter does not achieve this. It breaks the mystic of the relationship between professional and client.

When you really need a service that one of your clients offers, the best is to look for another professional, but never hire the client’s service. If you cannot avoid taking the service that the client offers, the best is that you pay with money for the service but never make an exchange of services.

Experiences show that taking services from clients does not end up well. Considering bartering as the best way to do business distorts the real value of the service and denigrates you as a professional.

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