Losing Trust


You can lose your trust in someone when you discover that person lied or that they don’t trust in your abilities. Once you lose credibility, it is very difficult to catch it up again, as it is very difficult to believe in someone who lied to us. That’s why no one wants to be seen as not trustable, since it takes time to build it up but very little to destroy it.

How do I recover my trust in someone?

In order to recover your trust in another person, there must be an internal transformation in the person who lied to you. It is very difficult that this happens, because the person who lies has learned to use lies as a tool for living. In this sense, their trust is based on a lie. Once that is broken and the person wants to create a link, it is not enough that they want to demonstrate good things, or demand your trust, but there must be a deep change regarding their life.

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