Do You Fear to Negotiate?


If you have a complex about negotiating, you will be very susceptible during the negotiation process. For example, if you are afraid of making a bad decision and losing, that fear will paralyze you and will lead you to a larger loss. What can you do if you fear to negotiate?

1 – Having someone else negotiating for you

It is easier to negotiate for someone else than for yourself.  Sometimes, it is better to look for someone who can negotiate for you.  In the case that there is a lot at stake, you can consider a third party to share the risk.

2 – Negotiating by phone

Negotiating by phone can be easier for you because the position is not as compromising as being face to face. However, you have to keep in mind that, in an oral agreement, the person who creates the rule can remove it and is not obligated to comply.

3 – Having a written agreement

Writing is used to specify the commitment and conditions that correspond to each of the parties. It is always better to replace the gentlemen’s  oral agreement by signed agreements. Sometimes, an oral agreement can hide the fear that the other does not want to sign.

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