How to Deal With an Experienced Negotiator


The negotiator’s effectiveness is focused on goals, setting aside pride, egos and everything that generates unneeded susceptibility.  Experienced negotiators have benefits: if you are faced with an expert, or if you are negotiating something for the first time, it is best to leave the negotiation as soon as possible, accepting a reasonable loss or seeking help.  If you feel pressured by an expert, you can buy time asking for more information, or just say “I do not understand” until you understand what is happening.   They must not intimidate you.

A good negotiator knows how to give more than what they get. The strategy is that what they give does not have a great cost for them but it is of great value for the other party.

Someone good at negotiating does not say a single word until they know what the other is thinking about.  Metaphorically, in a negotiation when one sees the other moving, one wonders about what the other will do.  But when the other hides and you cannot see him, you start asking yourself what you should do.  That is when the real value of the propositions of the other part of the negotiation appear.  You have to hide in order to make the other person generate propositions.  This explains the Moby Dick effect.

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