Describing the problem does not solve it. Only if you go to a level of higher abstraction, you can find the causes and this can be tricky… If we want to resolve situations, we first need to understand the causes of these problems.

To solve a complicated situation is necessary to learn to differentiate causes from consequences. It is not possible to understand or resolve cases focusing directly on the consequences.

Firstly, you must understand the causes of the situations. For example: Requiring the player commitment, desire, effort, courage, perseverance, and dedication, should not be based on clichés of the sporting world. They must be consequences of strong, reliable and deep causes, such as confidence in the capabilities and the ability of a clear vision of the future with settled objectives.

The development of the virtues is the causes that bring external achievements, which are the consequences. A good golfer is not the one who just wins, but the one who manages their energy and stays focused on the crucial moments.

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