5 Keys to Ask for a Salary Increase


Renegotiating your salary is not as easy as it seems. When sitting in front of your boss, there are issues that you can not ignore. Although we know that nobody is indispensable, you can always negotiate. Here you have five keys to have a successful negotiation.

Supply and demand

Before knowing what to do during the negotiation of a salary increase, you have to remember a something about the labor relationship: the laws of supply and demand. You have to know how valuable your is and how much the company needs your work.

The employer’s right

You may think it is the employer’s duty to pay your salary. In fact, it’s the opposite: the employer has the right to pay your salary. Don’t forget the employers are who decide whether they want to hire you or not. Therefore, they can decide how much to pay you.

Despite this, you are still responsible for the salary you receive. This depends on your ability to generate added value and know how to negotiate how much they pay you for that value.

The combination to getting a better salary

Many times, it can be hard for you to get the salary you really want. But there’s something that can help you. If you have a performance that surpasses the employer’s expectations, he/she will be afraid to lose you. Therefore, the employer will pay you what you ask for.

My recommendation is that you identify what is the value of your work for which your boss would not be willing to lose you. Then, try to take the negotiation to that point. It is advisable that you know how the labor market is, how much your work is worth, how much you could be earning and how much your professional skills are required.

Avoid a counter-offer situation

Instead of asking for a wage increase, you can simply report what your salary expectation is. If the employers do not give you what you wanted, at least they know that they are not fulfilling your expectations. This explicit request generates that, in the medium term, the employers cannot make a counteroffer.

Manifesting your expectations is an excellent option. Do not make a demand or violate the link but, in the best way, you are explicit a wish and you can move towards your optimal salary taking care of the link with your employer.

Don’t ask for a salary raise because ‘you need it’

The argument that you need the money or you deserve the increase usually does not work. These arguments only bother the boss.

Therefore, review the previous points, establish your starting point and where you want to go. In any case, remember to ask for a salary raise without demands or claims.

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